Wendell House is a modern-day mercantile located in Crozet, Virginia. We offer a curated selection of wholesome foods, treasures for the home and garden, and gifts, all chosen to support joyful, sustainable, and cozy living. Whether you’re grabbing fresh bread or local produce for a family dinner or searching for a special item, Wendell House blends convenience with a strong sense of community.

Who are we?

We are Sarae, a former senior banking executive and nonprofit leadership team member, and Rick, a literary agent and former marketing guru.

We escaped the hectic rat race in Nashville for a couple of acres of paradise right outside of Crozet in 2022, dragging a couple of much-too-fast-growing kiddos with us. In other words, we’re a busy busy family who knows what it’s like to run from work to school to soccer practice to making dinner.

Why “Wendell” House?

Our first home together was on Wendell Avenue, and we affectionately called it “Wendell House” when we were newlyweds. It’s a name that means cozy, contented happiness to us both.

Why a Flying Pig?

Ever since those early days in our original Wendell House, we’ve had a metal sculpture of a flying pig whom we named Wendell.

He’s a charming little fellow, and we thought he was the perfect mascot for our new shop because our mission is to help make sure a cozy, contented life isn’t just some impossible dream for your family by providing the simple, wholesome delights that bring lasting joy to your home.

Your Purchase Gives Back

Wendell House will provide a percentage of all sales revenue to nonprofit organizations like the Blue Ridge Area Coalition for the Homeless, the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank, and The CUSP Foundation.