What do porch swings, dog toys, windchimes, bicycles, and wildflowers all have in common? They make the entire neighborhood feel more happy and connected!

All those personal touches that make your front yard look uniquely your own… well, they do more than just put a smile on your own face. They make your neighborhood feel more friendly and welcoming, as well.

According to a scientific study of Buffalo neighborhoods, families who live among neighbors who put personal touches on their front yards are generally happier with and more connected to their community. They’re also more likely to know and talk with their neighbors.

People who live among homes with well-manicured but generic, unpersonalized front yards fared less well in the study.

So what do you say, Crozet? Let’s all do our part, make those front yards sing, and watch our neighborhoods bloom!

“I don’t remember any researchers visiting our neighborhood.”

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