George Clooney ain’t got nothing on this guy

Sleep is the new status symbol, says the New York Times, and Wendell House is here for it! What’s more prestigious than treating yourself to a solid 8+ hours of peaceful, restorative sleep every night? Just call us the Taylor Swift of snoozing, the George Clooney of cat naps, the Jay Z of Zzzzzs…

Setting aside enough time to properly rest your body keeps your mind sharp and your body at its peak, including your metabolism and immune system. It’s the most effective life hack you’ll ever find, and the most fun, too.

But it’s not as easy as it sounds. Instead, our minds keep racing long after our heads hit the pillow. Stress keeps us up late, kids get us up early, and life gets in the way. How do we break the cycle?

Make sleeping something you look forward to. Spray your pillow with lavender, pick up a good book, drink a soothing warm beverage. Do the things that make you feel like life is a leisurely and simple, even when it’s not. Tomorrow may be stressful, but tomorrow is not tonight. Let tonight be restful.

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