Wendell House is a modern-day mercantile in Crozet, Virginia

A whimsical take on the general store of yesteryear, we make it easy for you to treat yourself right. We offer a curated selection of wholesome foods, kitchen and entertaining essentials, and gifts, all chosen to support joyful, sustainable, and cozy living.

We believe in convenience with a community feel, providing busy families with everything they need. Imagine strolling through our doors and picking up the freshest local produce, alongside artisan breads, rich cheeses, and fragrant spices – all waiting to inspire your next culinary adventure.

In addition, we offer a selection of kitchen essentials, seasonal garden supplies, treats for your four-legged friends, and fun finds just for kids. Pick up the perfect gift and wrap it, too.

We’re can’t wait to open our doors to the Crozet community. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to stay updated on our grand opening, special events, and all the delightful things happening at Wendell House!


This just in at Wendell House

We are continually looking for new makers and seasonal products. Check out what’s new at Wendell House.


We know how hard it is to feed a family wholesome foods. Our goal is to offer locally-grown, organic meat, dairy, and vegetables. In addition, we offer a stocked pantry of minimally-processed artisan foods and snacks. 

Coming soon: We’ll are looking for partners to provide quick dinners for busy families and meal kits that reduce the packaging and shipping that comes with the big brands.

Locally made

While not everything in our shop is Virginia-made, we are always looking for local makers. Our goal is that when you make a purchase at Wendell House, you’re not only supporting us, you’re supporting a region of local farmers and artisans.

We do offer some global specialty foods from abroad and fair-trade, ethically made products.


We envision a return to a time where people purchased things that were created to last rather than relying on products made to be thrown away. 

Sustainability can feel hard and spark judgement – some think we’re too crunchy, others think we aren’t doing it right. The truth is, the world doesn’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly. 


Picture the homes you have loved. Maybe it’s a home from your childhood. Or a friend’s where you feel perfectly comfortable and inspired. 

These havens, each unique to its owner, overflow with personality – a well-loved mug, a whimsical print, a friend’s painting. We aim to recreate that warmth – a home that reflect the joy of the people who live there. 

This is Wendell.

By day, he is the mascot of Wendell House. In his off hours, he enjoys frolicking in the fresh garden soil or reading a good book with a hot cup of tea. But most of all, he loves flittering above the rooftops on his dainty little pig wings.